Winter crow wreath

When my sewing group voted for the hare winter wreath, there was a good amount of people who would rather have had a darker crow one. So I’m making a start.

15235426_1247035885317801_4348868984898198526_oI like the asymmetry of this design although it may become an issue when it comes to hanging it and it might require two hanging points so it doesn’t list off to one side.

I want it to have a gothic feel, so I am going for a dark purple background, although I am going to check it with a dark grey now we are in natural light again. (The difficulties of doing a lot of sewing in the evening.) So I might swop yet.


It  does look nice on the purple and really there won’t be very much of it on show after all. I shall have a think. I like the lifted wings on this crow, and I also lifted the tail feathers and it gives him a lot of energy. I decided on ivy rather than hawes but added in a few ivy berries to lift the purple.



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