Winter Designs

I’ve been working on winter designs this last week. I’m hoping to do a larger wall hanging with the designs next year. So far we have a Nut hatch, another robin (you can’t have too many) and a little owl. 🙂 The owl will be a free pattern and in the free patterns section here once I have it written up.


I finished the binding on him yesterday so time for a final photoshoot for him and I can start cracking on writing the pattern up.





I’ve not done fir trees before and I have to say there were a lot of fun. I bought a green about six months ago which looked like it would be a sage green and it turned out to be a pine green and I haven’t had any cause to use it, so, hurrah, it finally has a purpose. I will definitely be doing more of them.


I’m not entirely sure I really needed to do another robin, but I didn’t think I could do a winter wall hanging without a nice big chubby robin. This one definitely meets that criteria! Both these patterns will be available to purchase.


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