Autumn Wall Hanging

I started this one a while back and got distracted by other things. This pattern is going to be a loyalty pattern, i.e. you receive it for free after purchasing a set of particular patterns.















I spent last night cutting out all the background. Life would be a lot easier if I either was happy to do a purely scrap quilt, or I was happy to repeat the same fabrics a lot. But no, I like the look of a scrappy quilt which really is far from it. Every piece is very carefully considered and debated. So there are 13 different shades of purple, some of which is almost identical to another one, but isn’t quite. Some of which I know will end up under an applique anyway. Like all those star points that the badger is going to be sat on.

The badger will only be available through this pattern, not separately, although I will do another badger at some point. I am going to add some cows parsley around him and some honesty seed heads. I love how delicate they are so it will be interesting to see how they translate into embroidery. I’ve kept the colours mainly restricted to warm purples and warm neutrals, but I couldn’t help adding in some cool greens. I know that the actual embroideries will be adding in reds, oranges and more autumn colours so I didn’t want them to get lost against the background so I am hoping they will contrast well without looking odd. The badger uses a gorgeous bit of batik. Because a lot of the pieces I use are small, the beauty of the fabric is sometimes lost but you can really see the hand dyed colours here.






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