More Winter Birds

I hope you have all been enjoying the best of the season. With my little ones, it has been a little frantic to say the least, but I have been still sewing when I can find the time. 🙂p1060716_edited

I haven’t quite decided how this winter wall hanging is going to look but I have five designs finished so far; a Robin, a Nutchhatch, the Chaffinch above, and the Bluetit, Sparrow and Brambling below. The Brambling is a winter visitor rather than a native British bird but I do love the colourings on them. p1070045_edited


I have several more winter designs to do, but I haven’t decided yet whether I will put them all in the wall hanging. I need to put my thinking cap on!p1060933_edited

I do love the expression in the Brambling’s face. I think Finches are quite difficult to get to look right as they have quite a short stubby beak and it doesn’t always look as nice when you sew it, but he looks quite soulful due to the shading around the eyes. p1060995_edited


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