Despite some very chilly mornings lately we have had sunshine and a chance to get it into the garden and see the flowers I have been embroidering these last few months. 

This swallow and cherry blossom will be the month’s free pattern when I get around to writing it. I love the background colours, beautiful, delicate shades. 

I am free motion quilting my background. I have never actually done this one a quilt before so quite a novel experience that I am enjoying thoroughly. 

A lady in my sewing group has been asking for a swan for a while so this pattern has been added to my shop. The feathers are fun to do. 

The block of the month has been progressing nicely. We have three months compete now and this month I will be moving on to the first summer month and I am thinking of doing foxes and roses. I do the block of the month without any commitment so folks are welcome to do all the blocks or just the ones they fancy. 


3 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Hi I’ve been purchasing your patterns and have a few now also on your FBI page I’m just trying to work out which way your block of the month goes , is it hate first , sorry if I’m sounding dumb but only just found your wonderful site and want to know which to purchase if I Havant already , would much appreciate your info
    Thank Jo


    1. Hi sweetie. Sorry I have only just seen this. Yes, hare first, then move or long tailed tits and then the goose. But to confuse you I decided the position the mice at the top left and the hare below. I am glad you are enjoying the patterns. X


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