BoM 2017

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I’m currently working on the fourth month’s block which will include a mother fox and her cub (it will be two when we join this block to the corresponding autumn block and we can stitch the second fox cub on the join.) and a hedgehog and slug (or snails for those not so slug brave)



The third month included a blackcap on cherry blossom and a goose and gosling with iris flowers.

Blackcap bird on blossom for bottom of March block, shown in grey

 This third block completes the spring section of the quilt although I will be adding a few more spring elements in the borders later on.







February’s block in grey
Alternative pattern for February shown in lilac

I opted for mice for the second block and because I know mice aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, I also provided an alternative design in the pattern for a pair of long tailed tits. So it is up to you which one you do. If you are buying the kits, then I will include applique fabric for both options.

I want to run this Block of the Month (BoM) in a more relaxed way than a lot of the BoM quilts go, so you have a choice to sign up for the full quilt or you can just purchase the months you want to. I’ll keep the quilt running into 2018 so if you want to either make up a couple of your favourite blocks, or spread out your purchases (and costs) over a longer period then that’s fine with me. I want to be flexible. Please note that if you want a fabric kit from a previous month, the kits will be slightly more expensive as I will be cutting them just for you.

January’s block in lilac

Each of the main blocks will measure 12 by 18″ finished and there will be 12 in total running four wide and three high, and it will have 6″ borders to make an overall size of 60 by 66″.

It will be a seasonal quilt so the first vertical row will be spring, running through summer, autumn and finally winter. After the 12 blocks are completed there will be the option to add embroidered borders as well so there will be 16 ‘block’ designs in total. If you would rather just put plain borders on then that’s fine as well. Or you could make up just one of each season and make up a smaller quilt. Or you could make up each vertical season individually and change which one you display according to the season. Lots of choices 🙂

The quilt kits will be available in two colour choices: Neutrals and purples, and Neutrals and greys. I like to colour shade my quilts so there will be gradual colour changes from light to dark shades through the quilt. Because of the nature of a seasonal transition quilt, the flowers and plant colours will change across the quilt. Spring will be pastels, summer brighter choices, lots of reds and oranges for autumns, and cooler shades for winter. The kits will contain the background piecing fabric, stabilisers and applique fabric. The wadding, binding and backing fabric will not be supplied. I have been recently accepted on to the Wonderfil threads teacher program so should hopefully be able to supply the special variegated threads that I frequently use and I will be listing the threads I use where I can so you can purchase them if you wish to.

In a perfect world, I would have the entire quilt made up before starting here, but that is never going to happen. I’m going to be making up two quilts myself though and one is definitely going on my bed so it is going to be gorgeous. 🙂

I will be offering a PDF version through Etsy and will list that towards the end of each month. On this page I will offer a printed pattern with no fabric, and then the two colours choices in fabric packs.

If you are sure you want to join in the whole quilt each month, then I will put the subscription links for the remaining 14 months for the two kits. These will only be available until the 21st of March and after that I will remove them and relist again next month for 13 months and so on.  I’m sorry this all sounds a little complicated but hopefully it will sort itself out as we go along. If you do sign up and haven’t already bought the January or Febuary blocks then you will need to do that separately.


PDF pattern £9.60 including VAT (available on Etsy only at the end of the month)

Printed pattern £10

Fabric only kits £15

Back-dated fabric only kits £17.00

Subscription for pattern and kits £24 for whatever the remaining time is left in the BoM.


Outside the UK

I am very happy to ship outside the UK for these kits and patterns, but could you please message me at so I can send you a personal invoice to allow for additional postage, or order directly through Etsy.


Pre Order February Fabric and pattern kits. Please order before 30th of April.

April fabric kit (no pattern) £15 in lilac Add to cart

April fabric kit (no pattern) £15 in grey Add to cart

April printed pattern £10 Add to cart

13 month Subscriptions for pattern kits

The subscribe button takes you through a paypal subscription payment set up. The cost will be £24 a month for the remaining 14 months. You can cancel the subscription at any time but I would ask you give me as much notice as possible so I don’t cut you out a kit unnecessarily. You can set up the subscription at any time before the 30th  of April and I will be sending out the kits in the last week of each month. Please note that when you set up the payment Paypal will take the payment immediately but I won’t ship until the end of the month.

Please note that this subscription is for the remaining 13 months and doesn’t include the first three months. The first three blocks are available to back order on Etsy. (Or send me a message and I can do you an invoice.)

Lilac fabric and pattern kit (£24 per month).bnSubscribe

Grey fabric and pattern kit (£24 per month). Subscribe

Printed pattern only (£10 per month) Subscribe