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I sell my patterns with or without fabric kits. The kits contain the applique fabric, background fabric, felt (if appropriate), freezer paper and suitable stabilizer. They don’t generally contain any thread so I have put together a little sample pack of Wonderfil threads that have some of the core colours that I use a lot.

If you would like to order a pack, they are £21.50 and contain six reels of Wonderfil tutti, each 200m. The colours may vary slightly from shown here but will be a similar selection of natural shades. These reels are made up especially for me so have a long lead ordering time, please allow 2 to 4 weeks to ship. If you are interested in any other Wonderfil threads, please don’t hesitate to message me and I will see if I can help.
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For this month I’m putting together a pinky purple thread pack and have four purples and a pale pink. These are Wonderfil Tutti (50wt cotton 3 ply) and are 200m reels and are £15.50 for the 5 reels.
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I am also putting together little stash builders. I source batik fabrics from a number of different online shops and I am always on the look out for more. I find that my designs work best with watercolour/smoke dyed/polo batiks. These are dyed without the use of wax to add a second defined pattern, so they give soft gentle colour changes. (Although occasionally the changes in colour can be very vibrant and distinctive.) I will keep adding different selections of colourways, and I will make them available as either selection of twelve 16th (so approximately 9.75″ by 11″) or six thin 8ths (9.75″ by 22″). A stash pack costs £13 including delivery within the UK. If you are outside the UK please message me so I can send you out an individual invoice to cover the additional postage charges. I will generally be making up stashes each month and sending out, so please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. (I will do my best to keep it significantly below that!)


Brown colour way (FS01):

Contains a cream, a cool mid beige, a warm light tan, mid brown (this one has strong bold colour changes, some almost green in tone, makes excellent hares and chickens), a mid brown (very good for browns) and a dark brown  (good for branches and darker birds)

Green colour way (FS02)

Contains a very light cream, a very pale green, a mixed green/orange/yellow (This fabric changes a lot across the bolt, so sometimes it has one colour more predominate, on average it has more of a yellow feel with splashes of orange and green), a soft lime green, a greeny/purple (good for shadowy leaves) and a bolder soft grass green.


(Out of stock) Grey colour way (FS03)

Contains an off white, two very light greys, a cool mid grey (with some darker areas in it) and slightly yellowery grey (makes good badgers) and a very dark grey/black



Cool purple colour way (FS04)

Contains a very dark purple, a mixed purple with splashes of tan (very pretty) a purple with splashes of blue, a soft lilacy blue, a light purple and a very light purple. All are on the cooler, bluer side of purple.



Yellows to orange (FS05)

Contains soft orange, bright orange, yellow orange, golden yellow, warm yellow and light yellow.



Reds into dark pink (FS06)

Light red, dark orange, red with pinker areas, Christmas red, Red with darker areas, red with pink splashes.




Six 1/8ths of Brown colour way (FS01) £13 Add to Cart

Six 1/8ths of Green colour way (FS02) £13 Add to Cart

Twelve 1/16ths of brown  and green colour way (FS01 and FS02) £13 Add to Cart

Six 8/8ths of purple colour way (FS04) £13 Add to Cart

Six 1/8ths of yellow and orange colour way (FS05) £13 Add to Cart

Six 1/8ths of reds and dark pink colour way (FS06) £13 Add to Cart

Twelve 1/16ths of yellow/orange/red/dark pink colour way (FS05 and FS06) £13 Add to Cart


If you want an individual pack making up of colours that aren’t shown here then just message me.

If you would like larger amounts, just add multiple amounts to your cart (so for fat quarters add two of any of the eighth packs).

I am happy to customise packs so if you would rather have 3 fat quarters, or eights of some and 16ths of others, when you order, just specify which ones you want in the comments sections of the paypal order, or send me a message, making sure they all add up to the right amount of total fabric overall. I am happy to be flexible 🙂 .



My stabiliser of choice for smaller projects or when I know I won’t be hand quilting is Madiera super strong cut away stabiliser. I don’t usually bother cutting away any of it when I’m finished and just leave it in. When I am hand quilting, I much prefer a tear away stabiliser as it is quick and easy to remove and any larger wall hanging quilt kits will tend to include this type unless you ask for an alternative.

The cutaway one is perfect for learning on as it keeps the fabric lovely and stiff. It comes by the metre and is 90cm wide and made from polyester.

100cm by 90cm including postage Add to Cart