Despite some very chilly mornings lately we have had sunshine and a chance to get it into the garden and see the flowers I have been embroidering these last few months.  This swallow and cherry blossom will be the month’s free pattern when I get around to writing it. I love the background colours, beautiful, … More Spring

New year!

So my new resolutions of only doing unique embroideries is going well. I promised myself that I wouldn’t do any repeats of the same embroidery any more. Which I have to say is more time consuming but it is more satisfying to do everything different and know I don’t have to do it again! haha. … More New year!

Block the Month

I’m finally getting my act together for my ‘surprise’ Block of the month. It wasn’t really supposed to be a surprise quilt but I have been caught up with everything else and getting the first block done and pattern written is going to be as much of a challenge as I can manage! If you … More Block the Month

More Winter Birds

I hope you have all been enjoying the best of the season. With my little ones, it has been a little frantic to say the least, but I have been still sewing when I can find the time. 🙂 I haven’t quite decided how this winter wall hanging is going to look but I have … More More Winter Birds

Winter Designs

I’ve been working on winter designs this last week. I’m hoping to do a larger wall hanging with the designs next year. So far we have a Nut hatch, another robin (you can’t have too many) and a little owl. 🙂 The owl will be a free pattern and in the free patterns section here … More Winter Designs

Winter crow wreath

When my sewing group voted for the hare winter wreath, there was a good amount of people who would rather have had a darker crow one. So I’m making a start. I like the asymmetry of this design although it may become an issue when it comes to hanging it and it might require two … More Winter crow wreath