An aerospace engineer and optical physics researcher don’t sound like the most obvious career paths for a textile artist but sometimes it takes time to find what you really enjoy.

Life as a stay at home mum of four young children gave Andrea plenty of opportunity to think about future careers if not necessarily the time to actually accomplish anything more meaningful than ensuring there was sufficient clean washing to get through the day. Despite high qualifications in science and mathematics, the childhood spent with her artistic family held the strongest pull.  Thanks to her mother, Andrea is well versed in most areas of textile art, and now enjoys the opportunity to combine both science and embroidery by creating individual pieces focusing on botanical sciences.

The majority of her work involves machine applique using free motion embroidery techniques. Each design starts as a sketch based on nature, through observation where possible or through photographs. Small scraps of fabric are cut out using soft colour schemes where the fabric colours lend fluidity to the embroidery. The scraps are then stitched down, always with the same dark brown thread, details and additional texture being added along the way. The embroideries are used to decorate items such as quilts, lampshades, bags, purses and brooches. She enjoys quilting and on occasion adds in patchwork panels to the most unlikely items. In the future she hopes to continue her experiments into printed fabric designs and also to release PDF patterns enabling others to follow her path.

She is active on a number of social medias and is very approachable and friendly. There are a number of items for sale on this website and also through Etsy, but if you would like to commission an individual item, please don’t hesitate to contact her at ruff@raggedyruffdesigns.com

***** This site is currently construction. Thank you very much for your patience. *****

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